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A Partitioned Land and Other Stories

Khanak Vipin Saboo
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Afia, a benevolent little girl, overcomes her personal tragedy of separating from her parents during partition while dedicating her life to the needy and invalids and hence stays in the newly created "Partitioned land". The story is about the odds she faces and how she symbolizes courage, determination and grit. The book is a collection of such thought proving short stories and poetries. 'What is my mistake' will make you ponder over the way we have taken the natural resources for granted. 'India of my dreams', 'Help for Urchins', 'Unity' captures some optimism in the gloomy state that we are in currently. Some funny moments that we share with our family members are beautifully captured in 'Dinner disaster', 'Accompanying in the kitchen', 'My left eye' and more. 'Emma- A wonder women', "Journey to Mars', 'Roomful of secrets' and some other fantasy stories will keep you intrigued and asking for more.