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The Last Vicereine: A Novel

Rhiannon Jenkins Tsang
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It was the spring of 1947 when Lord and Lady Mountbatten arrived in New Delhi. India was on the brink of civil war. The reluctant vicereine was a rebel, a rule-breaker. It was never going to be easy working for her. She was a troubled old soul, a great beauty, a firecracker. But there was more to Edwina than met the eye. The glamour was a façade. Behind it was a highly intelligent woman of influence and power. They would always say that ought not to have been. But it was, and the greatest of all Edwina's friends was Jawahar. No one could have imagined the maelstrom of intrigue, events and relationships that would change their lives and those of millions of Indians forever. Set amidst the turmoil of Partition, The Last Vicereine is a heartbreaking story of the birth of two nations, of love, grief, tragedy, inhumanity and of the triumph of hope.