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Narayanganj Diary

Samarjit Guha
Lakshmisree Sinha
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On the banks of the Meghna and Shitalkha rivers stands the city of Narayanganj in Bangladesh. This is the story of one of the most illustrious families of Narayanganj — the Guhas — who lived in a beautiful sprawling abode called Ananda Bhaban, till the partition of the subcontinent compelled them to abandon their idyllic existence and move to Calcutta, and then spread across the world. Now, two members of the fourth generation of Guhas have painstakingly gathered information, anecdotes, and memories, fuelled by a compelling desire to keep alive their roots, to chronicle this disappearing saga of the Guhas of Narayanganj. Replete with nostalgia and laced with humour, this story will take you into the heart of an illustrious family and allow its youngsters to walk back in time to know who they are and where they come from, instilling in them not only knowledge of their past but also a responsibility to carry forward this legacy into the future.