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The Enigma of Partition Towards a Literary Understanding

Partition of India was accompanied by communal holocaust and massexodus. The experiences of victims six decades ago have filtered down through generations and still reverberate in the collective consciousness of sub-continental populations. Partition still serves as a defining moment when India’s social fabric, richly woven by shared cultural heterodox patterns was violently ripped apart by communal conflict. The history of communal violence in the post-Partition period is a grim reminder of the raw communal feelings that still simmer beneath the surface of the postindpendence national identities. The issues generated through India’s Partition are still alive. Whenever communal tensions mount, the memories of Partition tend to re-surface and are invoked by both the communal and secular forces. It is incumbent, therefore, to examine and re-examine the event of Partition, an episode which continues to shape the present.

Arnab Bhattacharyya
Jadavpur University