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O: A Fairytale from Pre-Partition India

Shashank Yadav
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A soldier kills another soldier but a spy misleads an entire army. Set during the turbulent years of the Second World War when India was fighting tooth and nail for her independence from the British, O tells the story of an Ango-Indian freedom fighter in the Indian National Army. Mr. O, as he is called by a mysterious ghost, remembers his past in the pre-partition India while he is traveling to Faizabad in January 1984 for meeting Gumnami Baba, an anonymous saint who was rumored to be Subhash Chandra Bose, India's exiled hero & the head of the Indian National Army. His quest for freedom leads him onto a historic and spiritual adventure amid the great war. Doing espionage and propaganda work for the INA, does Mr. O eventually find the truth?