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Legislative politics in pre partition Bengal 1937 to 1947

Jahanara Begum
University of Calcutta
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Growing up in the atmosphere of socio-political turmoil of partitioned Bengal I was deeply perturbed from my childhood days. Naturally the history of freedom movement drew my attention. I had the privilege to come across many activists of the freedom movement of twentieth century Bengal and amongst them some were also legislators of the period. Some of my relatives were also actively associated with the freedom struggle. I could not reconcile why in spite of the presence of so many tall persons the catastrophe could not be averted. The history of the period is vast and it could be discussed from different angles. I took the legislative politics of 1937-47 as my research theme as a part of my earlier curiosities. So here the main objective of research is to present the evolving scenerio of Bengal politics as it had been reflected in the legislative arena of pre-partition Bengal. hdl.handle.net/10603/154755