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The Partition of India: Through the Experience of Bengali Refugee Women

"The effects of 1947 partition of India, is still considered as the largest human migration that the society has seen witnessed in the history. The impact of the partition was the highest only on the people from East Bengal, especially women who unfortunately became the refugees within their own state which was previously united. When thousands of refugees were coming out from East Bengal every day after the February Riot in 1950, the East Bengali woman had to pay the cost of independence by their chastity, lives of their husbands, their own life as well as the lives of their beloved children. Women were the most common targets of attack especially at that time. Forced marriage, rape and abduction of women on a large scale were very common ways of attacks upon the minorities. The refugee women were humiliated and badly tortured on their way to West Bengal in the form of search by the Pakistani customs officers and staff. The impact of those incidents still lasts in the society. This research paper intends investigate the sufferings underwent by refugee women from East Bengal at the time of partition of India. "

Kirankumar Nittali
The Criterion- An International Journal in English