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Asia Refugees: in South Asia: Issues and Concerns

A naïve mother with a child is dispossessed of her home and ferried away; a man is disowned by his government after toiling in his country for four generations because of his ethnicity; a little girl can no longer pursue her education because her school was bombed; and a young boy behind fences might never see his friends again because he is unsure if they survived the war. These are the ‘population of concern’: refugees and stateless people demanding the immediate attention of international communities and hoping for swift action towards reconciliation. “Refugees in South Asia: Issues and Concerns,” presents the history, origin, and plight of the refugees and stateless people in South Asia, living in camps or dispersed throughout host countries and in their own countries, living in gripping fear and disillusionment. The focus population of concern in this journal include Afghans, Sri Lankan Tamils, Rohingyas, Chin, Hajong, Chakma, Tibetans, and counting. The interventions made by Governments through
their policies, UN agencies, international NGOs (INGOs) and other civil society organizations presented in this journal offer affirmative propositions for those who wish to collaborate. Furthermore, suggestions on a positive course of action towards the rehabilitation of refugees and stateless people and proactive participation from host countries are integrated with the best of intentions.

Louie Albert, S. J., Stan Fernandes, S. J., and Bernard D’Sami