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National and Left Movements in India

Panikkar, K. N.
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From Barnes and Noble.com: "Part of the Towards Freedom series, this volume, edited by K.N.Panikkar, contains documents related to the year 1940. The first part systematically covers different aspects of the history of socio-political history of British India like political and constitutional negotiations surrounding the Second World War. The first chapter discusses the various responses to the Second World War. Chapter 2 deals with the constitutional negotiations promised/demanded in lieu of Indian support of the War. The next section examines the civil disobedience programmes and the activities of the Indian National Congress and the Left parties. The concluding two chapters deal respectively with the Individual Satyagraha movement and the communal politics. While the first part of this volume deals with All-India politics during the year 1940, the second part will cover in popular movements—peasants, workers, Dalits, students, women and States People Movements."