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Migration in History: Human Migration in Comparative Perspective

Marc S. Rodriguez
Anthony T. Grafton
University of Rochester Press
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"Migration in History explores the nature and complexity of the movement of peoples, cultures, and ideas in historical context. This engaging volume presents essays from a variety of scholars to expand our understanding ofthe longstanding process and history of migration as an established global phenomenon. The articles examine population movements and their demographic, social, political, legal, and cultural causes and consequences in Medieval andModern Europe, South Asia, Israel, and China. Topics addressed include voluntary and forced movements of people within and between regions and nations; movement towards urban centers or dispersal into surrounding countryside; transfers of cultural objects, practices, and technologies; experiences of resocialization and the transfer, reconstruction, and creation of memories, myths, values and symbols; the role of local, national, and transnational legal institutions; the relationship between immigration, assimilation, religion, and acculturation; movement in the interest of ethnic autonomy or secession, and as a response to such dangers as deprivation, religious persecution, and the development of border zones within which populations move and interact."