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Counter-Writing Dalits and Other Subalterns

J. Bheemaiah
Prestige Books
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The book has papers presented at a national seminar that focus on issues relating o the marginalised sections of society. They cover Dalit identity, subalternity and representation of Dalits in films. They examine Dalit narratives that express social anguish and the manner in which the non-Dalit writers have deconstructed the traditional canon and created new aesthetics that reflect the social reality in India. Including theoretical and philosophical approaches, they are concerned with heterogeneity of subalternity and plurality of the 'other' and the manner in which film directors of upper-caste communities project Hindu ideology into cinema, especially with reference to representation of women and subalterns. Quoting from Dalit leaders and writers, they take up works of Baby Kamble's The Prisons we Broke and Jina Amucha, Nandita Oza's Whither Justice: Stories of Women in Prison, Shantabai Kale Kishore's Against All Odds and Namdeo Dhasal's Golpitha for detailed study.