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Muslim Politics in Bengal 1937-47

Shila Sen
Impex India
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"...The author combines the historical and socio-economic approaches, and sets the stage for a systematic analysis of emergent political forces during the decade by tracing the evolution of Muslim politics in Bengal during the 1905-1935 against the backdrop of socio-economic conditions of Muslims. She then considers the criss-cross developments beginning with the 1937 elections through the political turns and twists in the fortunes of Fazlul Haq and of the Muslim League during 1937-45, the emergence and consolidation of the movement for Pakistan, and meteor-like rise of Suhrawardy, to the last-ditch abortive attempt to keep Bengal united and sovereign, with no less than the Bengal League Chief Minister (Suhrawardy) and General Secretary (Abul Hashim) being its most powerful protagonists..." Al-Mujahid, Sharif. "Book Review." Pakistan Horizon 3.2/3 (1978): 141.