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Settling the Unsettled: A Study of Partition Refugees in West Bengal

Monika Mandal
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From Amazon: "This book focuses on international refugee law and refugees in South Asia. The book begins with an overview of Bengali society and Hindu-Muslim relations in Bengal from the first Partition of the province in 1905, and trace and events which eventually led to the Partition of this province of British India in 1947. This work while attempting to document and analyse the relief and rehabilitation measures undertaken by the central and state governments in India in response to the massive influx of refugees from the then East Pakistan into West Bengal also reviews the assimilation and integration of the erstwhile refugees with the host state and community.The research has involved situating experience of the victims of Partition and also those who were forced to seek refuge in West Bengal due to communal clashes and persecution afterwards. The study focuses on the governmental measures, the attitude of the host community and the struggle of the refugees in a new environment that influenced and impacted upon their social and cultural life. This volume is an invaluable guide for the scholars of Modern History, Bengal and Partition."