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Choosing to Stay: Memoirs of an Indian Muslim

Nasim Ansari
City Press
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From Amazon: "English version of Jawab-e-Dost (A Friend's Reply) which was written in response to a highly acclaimed book Awaz-e-Dost (A Friend's Voice).Masood and Ansari had studied together in the Aligarh Muslim University. The former's book, published in Pakistan in 1972, is a treatise on the generation of educated Muslim young men who studied at Aligarh and were in favor of the partition of the subcontinent; many of them came to join the civil or military bureaucracy of the new nation and played a significant part in its affairs. Ansari's book, serialized in a Lucknow newspaper before coming out as a volume, deals with the diametrically opposite situation of those Muslims of a similar educational background who consciously chose to stay in India and participate in the affairs of the Indian society as equal citizens. Through his experiences as a student leader, a surgeon, a teacher and an active member of a very significant minority, Ansari traces the role that the Indian Muslims played and continue to play in the social and political life of India."