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The One Who Did Not Ask

Alt̤āf Fāt̤imah
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From Worldcat: "Altaf Fatima was born in pre-partition India. Her work has been adapted for broadcast on television." "For rash, awkward Gaythi, there is always something amiss. Daughter of an extensive, wealthy, Muslim upper-class family in pre-partition India, she is expected to be demure, to have poise and to grow willingly into the roles of mother and wife. Gaythi does not know what she wants, but she is not keen to settle. A series of tragic and unexpected events suddenly threaten to split her home as well as her country. Exile follows, and Gaythi is forced to assume responsibility for her arrogant and powerful mother. Touchingly and with carefully observed detail, Altaf Fatima describes the impact of change on the lives of an entire people."