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India: The Turmoils of The Century

From Amazon: "Using archival footage never before seen in the West, this epic film traces the history of the past hundred years on the Indian subcontinent with all of its religious, ethnic and political turbulence. It opens with scenes of the Ganges from the first "moving pictures" ever shot in India in 1899. It captures the India of the Maharajas during the time of British rule. In those days, India was a rural country with thousands of castes, six principal religions and fourteen languages among its three hundred million inhabitants.

The film chronicles Gandhi's independence movement, World War II with the subsequent British withdrawal, and the partitioning of India and Pakistan in 1947. It details the religious riots and pogroms that followed and continue to plague such areas as Kashmir, Punjab, Assam, and Sri Lanka. It follows the political fortunes and misfortunes of the Nehru and Bhutto families. In addition to detailing internal politics, the film shows the role of India and Pakistan with regard to the Soviet Union and China.

India: The Turmoils of the Century brings to life in a coherent manner the history of the world's largest democracy and the leaders that shaped it."

Arnaud Mandagaran
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January, 1994