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The Raj and After

Krishna Prakash Bahadur
Ess Ess Publications
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From Google Books: “The book is an account of the British rule, particularly the period from the "Quit India Movement" to "Partition" The author who was in the Indian Administrative Service served in various capacities in the government of Uttar Pradesh both in the Raj and the period of Independence. The account goes right up to the four months of the present year (1995). Though in the form of an autobiography, the experiences related are of universal interest, the foibles of the members of the ICS, both British and Indian, and the caprices of ministers forming interesting vignettes. The author critically assesses our achievements in various fields, after Independence, particularly in the fulfilment of the constitutional directives. The book deals with the various problems facing up today like corruption, internal security and law and order, the exploitation of child labour and the victimisation of women, the nature of politics, politicians and the political system and many other matters that require earnest thought and introspection. The author firmly believes that unless character, integrity and discipline can be created by the right kind of education and a sense of 'country above self be inculcated, our democracy cannot long survive. The book seeks to trigger serious thinking on the part of all who desire to bring this country in the group of the world's developed nations.”