Current Staff


Our global team in alphabetical order:

  • Aanchal Malhotra (Exhibition Curator - Delhi)
  • Alexandra Wells (Social Media and Editorial Assistant - Berkeley)
  • Guneeta Singh Bhalla (Executive Director - Berkeley)
  • Ira Pundeer (Copy Editor - Delhi)
  • Malkit Ghuman (Story Scholars Field Officer - Punjab, India)
  • Mishika Nayar (Story Scholars Field Officer - Delhi NCR, India)
  • Raghav Sagar (Story Scholars Program Manager in India - Delhi)
  • Ritika Popli (Development Assistant - Delhi)
  • Rohini Ramkrishnan (Digital Archive Manager - Berkeley)
  • Shilpa Narain (Graphics Artist - Delhi)

For a list of all current interns, click here. (Link coming soon)

For a list of all previous members, click here. (Link coming soon)

We are concerned citizens committed to preserving this chapter of our collective history. We come from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, nationalities, and professions. It is our view that a strong foundation in history will pave the way for a more enlightened future for the South Asian subcontinent and hence the world. At the moment our team, includes citizen oral historians, staff, interns, advisers, and experts who are passionate about preserving the peoples' history of Partition.