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The 1947 Partition Archive records life stories shaped by Partition.
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70th Anniversary Exibitions

August 9-24 | Bikaner House

The 1947 Partition Archive is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Bikaner House in showcasing oral histories through an exhibition curated by artist and author, Aanchal Malhotra, coordinated by Ritika Popli with design by Shilpa Narain and architecture by Siddharth Wadhwa.  

The educational public exhibition will also include a series of events including Voices of Partition, film screenings, photography and visual arts exhibitions, to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Partition. Lest we forget.  For more information visit our Facebook page.  Complete schedule coming soon.

August 14-18 | India Habitat Center

Location:  Art gallery
Exhibit: Women during Partition

The Partition of India in 1947 resulted in the largest mass-migration of people in the world till date. In recent years, testimonies of these migrations from those who witnessed the event have begun to emerge, resulting in a better understand of the Partition. Among these, the narratives of women- young and old- are imperative as they alert us on the impact the Partition had on familial life, on homes and ways of living.


Women during Partitionexplores first-hand accounts with women who witnessed the Partition. Those who refused to leave until months after the Partition, and those who had to leave at just a moment’s notice. Through their stories, through the very nature of archival image, we learn about the circumstances of their migrations. We learn of family, education, the plight of refugees, and the most importantly, the notion of hope.


August 27 - September 8 | India International Center

Exhibit: Diversity in Narratives

Seven decades have passed since the Partition of 1947 and still remnants of it continue to linger only latently in public memories and histories. The forthcoming exhibition by The 1947 Partition Archive will unravel the memories of people who witnessed the days of the Divide. This multimedia exhibit will highlight the socio-cultural ethnography and memory of the Partition by bringing forth those voices that have otherwise been unheard: the story of a woman still living in a refugee camp, separated from her daughter due to the man-made border, how a city-wide BA exam was put on hold due to a referendum in Sylhet, how two brothers converted to Islam to remain on their land while their sister made her way across to India, and how two brothers travelled from Travancore State to the North-West Frontier Province in search of work and were stranded there due to the Divide.

Each and every panel of this exhibit presents a unique first-hand experience and displays how the pivotal event that determined the subcontinent’s contemporary history continues influences society till today. These narratives are from all around the globe, with a special focus on subversive narratives through the lens of class, caste, and gender. The choice of regional locations is diverse and also brings to light narratives of Partition that are often never considered as part of popular imaginary.

Diversity in Narratives invites, for the very first time, public audiences to engage with exemplary oral histories collected by The 1947 Partition Archive over the last 8 years. It is an exhibition that marries the notions of history, memoir, longing and belonging.


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