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Partition and Indian English Fiction

Gundur, N. S.
Adhyayan Publishers & Distributors
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The 1947 partition of Indian subcontinent was a political problem and a human problem as well. Historical narratives document the political side of its whereas fictional ones narrate human experience of the ordeal. While humanizing history, the fictional narratives try to recreate totality of the holocaust. Based on this line of argument the present book critically examines the Indian English Novels on Partition. By relating the political history of the 'great divide' to the novelistic representation, the present study places the partition novels in the genre of political fiction. Further more it offers critical insights into Partition Narratives by exploring the thematic concerns and techniques of the novels under study. The critical acumen combined with historical interpretation and aesthetic evaluation makes it a reference book not only for the students of literature but also for the interested in Indian history. Contents Preface Foreword Introduction The 1947 Partition of India: A Historical and Political Background The Partition Novels: An Over-view Close-up: Analysis of the Early Novels A Distant View: Analysis of the Later Novels Fictional Technique Summing-up Bibliography Index About Author: NS Gundur Dr. N.S. Gundur, lecturer in English, at present teaches at the National Defense Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune. He has published research articles in national and international journals.being deeply interested in language and literary studies. Dr.Gundur's areas of interests are Indian Writing in English,Communication Studies, English for Specific Purpose, Pragmatics and Anthropological Studies.