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Partition and Indian English Women Novelists

Seema Malik
Prestige Books
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Partition of the Indian subcontinent impacted women in many particular ways. But their experiences have been generally subsumed or deflected in the meta/male narratives. Some recent feminist interventions have addressed the ellipses of history by exploring the effects of partition on 5 women’s consciousness and subjectivity through alternative histories. The study analyses the historiography of Partition in the novels of Attia Hosain, Mehr Nigar Masroor, Bapsi Sidhwa, Nina Sibal, Anita Kumar and Shauna Singh Baldwin and examines these writings as voices of the assertive ‘other’ working through ‘parallel’ strategies to approximate the ‘reality’ of Partition. The study explores the interstices of history by foregrounding the marginal in a comparative mode.