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Pakistan the Partition of India

Liaquat Ali Khan
Thomas Press
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PAKISTAN OR THE PARTITION OF INDIA BY Dr. B. R. AMBEDKAR THACKER Co., LTD. FIRST PUBLISHED DECEMBER 1940 SECOND EDITION FEBRUARY 1945 THIRD EDITION 1946 Copyright Price Rs. 015 12 Published by C. Murphy, for Thacker Co., Ltd., Rampart Row, Bombay, and printed by R. Bourdon, at Western Printers Publishers Press, 15 23. Hamam Street, Fort, Bombay. INSCRIBED TO THE MEMORY OF RAMU As a token of my appreciation of her goodness of heart, her nobility of mind and her purity of character and also for the cool fortitude and readiness to suffer along with me which she showed in those friendless days of want and worries which fell to our lot. TABLE OF CONTENTS PREFACE TO THE SECOND EDITION PROLOGUE . ... INTRODUCTION PAGES ix xi xiii xiv xv xxvi PART I MUSLIM CASE FOR PAKISTAN CHAPTER I What does the League Demand ... 310 CHAPTER II A Nation Calling for a Home ... ... 1121 CHAPTER III Escape from Degradation ... ... 2332 PART II HINDU CASE AGAINST PAKISTAN CHAPTER IV Break-up of Unity... ... ... 3549 CHAPTER V Weakening of the Defences... ... 5187 CHAPTER VI Pakistan and Communal Peace ... 89-113 PART III WHAT IF NOT PAKISTAN CHAPTER VII Hindu Alternative to Pakistan ... 117185 CHAPTER VIII Muslim Alternative to Pakistan ... 187195 CHAPTER IX Lessons from Abroad ... ... 197212 PART IV PAKISTAN AND THE MALAISE CHAPTER X Social Stagnation ... ... ... 215238 CHAPTER XI Communal Aggression ... ... 239261 CHAPTER XII National Frustration ... ... 263339 PART V CHAPTER XIII Must There be Pakistan ... .. 343365 CHAPTER XIV The Problems of Pakistan ... ... 367382 CHAPTER XV Who Can Decide ... ... 383402 EPILOGUE ... ... ... ... ... 403-414 APPENDICES ... ... ... ... 415478 INDEX ... ... ... ... ... 479481MAPS TO THE SECOND EDITION The problem of Pakistan has given a headache to everyone, more so to me than to anybody else. I cannot help recalling with regret how much of my time it has consumed when so much of my other literary work of greater importance to me than this is held up for want of it. I therefore hope that this second edition will also be the last. I trust that before it is exhausted either the question will be settled or withdrawn. There are four respects in which this second edition differs from the first. The first edition contained many misprints which formed the subject of complaints from many readers as well as reviewers. In preparing this edition, I have taken as much care as is possible to leave no room for complaint on this score. The first edition consisted only of three parts. Part V is an addition. It contains my own views on the various issues involved in the problem of Pakistan. It has been added because of the criticism levelled against the first edition that while I wrote about Pakistan I did not state what views I held on the subject. The present edition differs from the first in another respect. The maps contained in the first edition are retained but the number of appendices have been enlarged. In the first edition there were only eleven appendices. The present edition has twenty-five. To this edition I have also added an index which did not find a place in the first edition. The book appears to have supplied a real want. I have seen how the thoughts, ideas and arguments contained in it have been pillaged by authors, politicians and editors of newspapers to support their sides. I am sorry they did not observe the decency of acknowledging the source evenwhen they lifted not merely In the first edition there unfortunately occurred through oversight in proof correction a discrepancy between the population figures in the different districts of Bengal and the map showing the lay-out of Pakistan as applied to Bengal which had resulted in two districts which should have been included in the Pakistan area being excluded from it. In this edition, this error has been rectified and the map and the figures have been brought into conformity. ix Pakistan the argument but also the language of the book...