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About Daddy

Meena Arora Nayak
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About Daddy is a daughter's harrowing journey into her father's past. It is also an examination of the legacy of distrust and communal strife that continues to haunt India fifty years after the Partition. Fulfilling her father's last wish, Simran, an American of Indian origin, is at the Wagah border between India and Pakistan, sprinkling his ashes on the line of demarcation--the wound her father helped inflict. Totally unprepared for the attitude of the Indian officials towards foreigners, she finds herself in prison on charges of espionage. With the help of her American fiance, Scott, and a local journalist, Arun, Simran is able to get out of jail but is forced to go underground. Hiding from the police and immigration officials, she joins a peace organization where she meets Kalida, whose actions seem to epitomize Simran's desire to bring peace between communities. As the plot unfolds, her father's story becomes Simran's own as she begins to realize the complexity of culture in which there are no simple principles of crime and punishment, guilt and innocence, oppression and submission.