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Shiv Kumar
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Long years ago, as India made its tryst with destiny and the soul of a nation long suppressed was torn asunder, a story of love and compassion ensued. Sahitya Akademi awardee Shiv K. Kumar brings us a Partition novel that will delight readers with its fast-paced and humorous storytelling. Join Gautam Mehta as he converts to Christianity to divorce his wife, falls in love with a kidnapped Muslim beauty and revels in adventures full of midnight swigs, enameled snuffboxes and quiet bouts of love-making. Join our stout-hearted, quick-witted protagonist as he hobnobs with the remaining Raj-era relics and despite being hung-over, defeats the ruddy kidnappers of his romantic, timid little thing his adversaries have not a whiff of a chance. Shiv K. Kumar's memorable novel takes you on a journey to the twilight of the Raj, to the pains of Partition and to a love story that will heal the scars left in the wake of history.