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Love Partitioned: A Historical Novel

Manjula Waldron
Independently Published
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"Set during India’s Independence struggles leading to the Partition of India and Pakistan, this compelling novel tells the inspiring story of Mangla, her interactions with her mother Ammaji, her best friend Basanthi, and her husband Anand as they navigate their own conflicts of religion, sexuality, social privilege. Raised on Gandhi ideals of peace and unity, Mangla strives to become the social change in women's education, advancement, and social freedom she wishes to see, allowing her daughter Mina to dream of a better future for herself and other Indian children. Mangla’s personal triumph over betrayal, loss, and incredible odds is sure to instill hope and compassion in readers both young and old. Love Partitioned is informed by the author’s own historical journey as a refugee during this turbulent time in India, which marks its 75th anniversary in 2022."