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Gorkha, The Story Of The Gurkhas Of Nepal

Francis Tuker
Pilgrims Publishing
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Hailing from high in the Himalayas of Nepal, the Gurkhas have gained world renown as part of the British and Indian armies. The merest mention of the name Gurkhas conjures up visions of gallent soldiers, heroic deeds, fearless opponents But what do we really know other than these short clichés? What is their little-known story? Where did they come from in Nepal? Are they a separate ethnic group, or is the name merely an adaptation that has been accepted? To fully understand the Gurkhas, we need to have a clear picture about their history and that of their country Nepal. Often a story of despotic intrigue during medieval times, the more recent history of Nepal is also a saga as astonishing as the heroics of the Gurkhas. From the murky mists of Nepal’s past, it is the contrasting honesty, loyalty and trust in the Gurkhas soldiers that resonates and shines out above all else. This book welds together the exploits of the Gurkhas and their colorful ancestry in an animated and rousing style. Above all, the story of the Gurkhas is a fascinating glimpse into the culture, history and deeds of these brave soldiers from Nepal.