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Access To Collections

Explore the Story Map on our homepage for oral history exerpts, abstracts and a subset of accompanying photographs.  Please note that archivists, a majority of whom are community based volunteers, are busy describing the collections, while Citizen Historians (community based oral historians) are busy helping to build it very actively at this moment.  Our focus presently is on getting to every Partition witness as we possibly can, as fast as possible.  This means that our collections are not yet as presentable as they will be eventually, because we are still in the process of organizing and describing them.  We thank you for your patience as we work to build a collection that will inform humanity into perpetuity.

IN PERSON: Public access to the complete collections is available freely by appointment at our location in Berkeley, California location. Previously, access was available at Ashoka University in Delhi and Guru Nanak Dev University, and may be available once again in the near future, pending funding.  Use this form to make an appointment for onsite access in Berkeley, or to let us know of your interest for onsite access at Ashoka University in the future.

STANFORD LIBRARIES: Furthermore, a subset of oral history interviews are currently freely accessible via the Stanford University Libraries' 
Digital Repository via online streaming.  Pending funding required for the accession, more interviews will be freely available via online streaming at the Stanford Digital Repository over the coming years. 

ONLINE STREAMING: Archive access via online paid streaming is presently limited however to academic researchers, museum and collections currators, authors, filmmakers and other educational media makers.  Aspiring researchers may fill out this form to request online streaming access.

Family members of interviewees may request a digital file copy of their oral history interviews via this online form (with the interviewees' permission).

Thank you for your patience as we work through the logistics of dissemination around this significant and delicate collection.