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Request for Archive Accessibility and Use

Please read carefully to see if you meet our access eligibility requirements:

The 1947 Partition Archive's complete oral history collections as well as derived data aggregates that are anonymized (such as the story map data) are now available to researchers.  

Raw, unprocessed footage for all interviews is available for advanced research and educational purposes as it arrives at The 1947 Partition Archive.  Archive access is presently limited however to academic researchers, museum and collections currators, authors, filmmakers and other educational media makers.  Aspiring researchers may fill out the form below to gain access.  Because of the sensitive nature of the content, accessibility to the complete collections of oral histories is currently limited to professional researchers with institutional affiliations only.  

There's good news for public access however. A subset of oral history interviews are currently freely accessible via the Stanford University Libraries' Digital Repository via online streaming.  Pending funding required for accession, more interviews will be freely available via online streaming at the Stanford Digital Repository over the coming years. Furthermore, verified family members of interviewees, with the intervewiewees' permission, may request access to their oral history interviews via this online form.  Thank you for your patience as we work through the logistics of dissemination around this significant and delicate collection.

The two accessibility options currently available, include 1) on-site access at our global headquarters in Berkeley, California as well as, 2) paid online web-streaming access. 

A note about on-site accessResearchers are responsible for travel and lodging arrangements in Berkeley.  Our staff can provide guidance and recommendations. 

A note about remote access:  Remote access is offered to researchers on a case by case basis only, and the researcher will be responsible for the remote access streaming platform fee. 

Given the raw form of the footage currently available, remote accessibility is approved only on a case-by-case basis.  In making our decision we will access the following features of your proposal: 1) importance and relevance of the research topic, 2) the seriousness of the research project and 3) the Principal Investigator's previous work (if you are a graduate student doing a first time research project, we will access the quality of your advisor's previous work, so we suggest listing your advisor as the Principal Investigator).

Please note for stories that are deposited in the Stanford Digital Repository, access is freely available. 

Please use the initial screening form below to answer a few basic questions.  We will send you the full application form if you meet the eligibility requirements. Contact us for more information.