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 If you would like to be interviewed, or have us interview a friend or relative, please fill out the form below. To those who have already taken the time to share their stories, we express immense gratitude, both personally and on behalf of future generations. Thank you very much for preserving our heritage. All stories from 1947, from all ethnic, religious and economic groups are important to us. We document not only Partition, but pre-Partition life and culture as well as post-Partition migrations and life changes.

To learn more about the types of questions we ask during the interview and the entire interview process, please visit these pages.

The oral history process

The entire process for one interview, from beginning to end takes an average of 15 hours of volunteer work. The editing can add on an additional 30+ hours per interview for processing.


Our interview process starts with volunteers contacting Partition survivors.


Volunteers conduct home interviews, fostering deep learning and gratification.


Post-interview, interviewee sets sharing preferences, anonymity, and release timing.


Post-interview, interviewee sets sharing preferences, anonymity, and release timing.

Digital Archiving

Next, the recordings are digitized, uploaded and backed up on hard drives.

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