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Document Oral Histories: Community Oral History Workshop

Learn everything you need to document oral histories in your community via our free oral history workshops offered at least bi-monthly.  This free oral history workshop has been continuously offered since 2012, with over 7,000 individuals benefiting from this free training over the past decade.  Learn the basics of oral history documentation, use our unique metadata tagging and video submissions system, and more. In this workshop, you will also receive extensive oral history field packets developed to help you document stories of individuals from all walks of life, and a variety of backgrounds.  Follow the steps below to become a certified Citizen Historian!






1. Register for an Oral History Workshops webinar online:

(Be sure to note the time zone!)

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Add the workshop schedule to your calendar

2. Attend the workshop. 
Learn how to collect and submit stories remotely, from the comfort of your home during the lockdowns caused by COVID-19.  Gain access to our online portal, a vast questionnaire, and documents required for submitting the interview.  

(Note that you must attend the 2-hour workshop in full and answer at least 80% of the summary questions asked during the workshop to qualify for access to our Citizen Historian portal online.)

3. Submit your story online and become a certified Citizen Historian.
Record and submit your first story within one month of completing the workshop!  Once your submission is reviewed and approved, you will receive a completion certificate from The 1947 Partition Archive and Stanford University Libraries.


A note on the urgency to collect stories

As another year unfolds, memories of Partition float further back in time. Many thousands risk disappearing forever this year, leaving unfilled gaps in the collective memory of our cultural inheritance. Join us as we work to preserve our remaining history. Collect Stories with us! Become a Citizen Historian. It's a deeply enriching experience... Meet incredible personalities. Listen to amazing stories. Feel connected. Be transported back in time to a different world.

To become a Citizen Historian, you must successfully complete and submit an oral history interview within one month of completing an Oral History Workshop.  As a Citizen Historian, you will gain permanent access to the Citizen Historian portal online, as well as access to Citizen Historian discussion groups online, and a number of other opportunities within The Archive.  Becoming a Citizen Historian is also a prerequisite to applying for our Story Scholars program.  Please contact us if you have any questions!  Send an email to ask@1947partitionarchive.org