Oral history excerpts 

Enter the oral history archive and glimpse into the 11,500+ oral history interviews (more than 2,000,000 videos and  5,000,000 photographs)  you have helped document. See more excerpts on YouTube and Facebook. Our professional archivists work alongside community based volunteer archivists in meticulously describing the collections, while Citizen Historians (community based oral historians) are actively helping to build the collections.

We thank you for your patience as we work to build a collection that will inform humanity into perpetuity.

Kasur Archives

The Kasur Archives, is a new repository currently under construction, documenting Kasur’s postcolonial transition. The archive will offer invaluable insights into the city’s social, political, and economic evolution through the transition. The collection constitutes historical documents, municipal and school records, photographs and copies of other artifacts. Over time, we expect that it will serve as an indispensable resource for researchers, historians, and enthusiasts alike.

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Our advisory councils are project-based for focused support. Advisers come from diverse backgrounds and are lending their knowledge, time and expertise in helping towards two aspects of our mission

Iqbal Bibi
Interviewed By: Fakhra Hassan
Sarla Dutta
Interviewed By: Sruti Lodha
Aya Singh
Interviewed By: Ritika Popli
Subash Khanchand Bijlani
Interviewed By: Ishika Chatterjee
Narinder Singh Kapany
Interviewed By: Guneeta Singh Bhalla
Ajit Jaswant Singh
Interviewed By: Rupinder Kaur Nahar
Khabbar Khan Seelro
Interviewed By: Murtaza Kharani
Swarnaprabha Mahanta
Interviewed By: Ripunjay Nath
Kh Nasii
Interviewed By: Schulu Duo
Maryam Babar
Interviewed By: Fakhra Hassan
Tarlochan Singh
Interviewed By: Siddhant Karla and Guneeta Singh Bhalla
Purnendu Prasad Bhattacharjee
Interviewed By: Sruti Lodha
Sarat Chandra Hira
Interviewed By: Anik Rakshit
Feroza Khatun
Interviewed By: Hasiba Akter Sabnur
Naseem Mirza Changezi
Interviewed By: Ritika Popli
Patrick Nicholas Sequeire
Interviewed By: Mishika Nayyar
Syed Babar Ali
Interviewed By: Guneeta Singh Bhalla

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Advanced access for researchers

The 1947 Partition Archive’s complete oral history collections as well as derived data aggregates that are anonymized (such as the story map data) are now available to researchers.

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