Request copies of your interview

It's easy to order a copy of your interview file:

1) COMPLETELY Fill out the form below
2) If you are feeling generous, you may send an optional donation online or mail a check to:

The 1947 Partition Archive

PO Box 9505

Berkeley, CA 94709


The donation amount stated is NOT required but SUGGESTED.  Your donation helps us cover the cost of producing and sharing your interview file with you.  The Archive is a non-profit organization with limited funding that is entirely devoted to the story recording process.  All of our funds come from individuals like yourself who are making generous donations.  Your assistance in making this work possible is requested and welcomed.  Please also note that due to the efficiency of online file transfers, we no longer provide DVD’s by default, and unless you specifically request a physical copy of the interview, our team can provide a small USB drive containing the digital file of the interview.  To cover the additional cost to us of processing and sending a USB drive via postal services, a donation is gently requested.

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