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Sunday Stories Live

Explore the nuanced history of Partition

The 1947 Partition Archive hosted the Sunday Stories Live podcast at 3:30 pm GMT, live on Sundays for a two year period from the summer of 2020 through the summer of 2022. The series shone a spotlight on movers and shakers uncovering important aspects of our history and cultural heritage, especially as it relates to Partition and World War II in South Asia. Viewers were an integral part of the live conversation and were invited to interact with the speakers live. The podcast aired live on Facebook and YouTube, and each season featured a different host.

Seasons 01 - 04

Seasons 02 - 04

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The ethics and philosophy of teaching violent histories

Moving beyond Partition: History & Memory | Amritjit Singh

Meeting & Forgiving those who killed my family | SALMAN RASHID

Exploring Identity, Nationalism and Culture in post-Partition South Asia

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