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'Bharat' the film

We commend the team at Bharat the film for shining light on Partition, a nearly forgotten, yet urgent and significant part of our history.

Salman Khan with The 1947 Partition Archive

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Sunday Stories Live is an interactive webseries that airs live on Facebook and YouTube featuring eminent movers and shakers changing our perception on South Asian history, on South Asian current events, especially as it relates to modern remnants of colonialism and the 1947 Partition.

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Stories at Mandi House Metro Station, Delhi

Exhibit: Art in the Metro (My Heart Belongs in Delhi, Women During Partition)

An exhibition at the Mandi House Metro Station brought glimpses into Delhi's past through excerpts of oral history.  Quotes from those who fled Delhi in 1947 and those who migrated to Delhi  in 1947 attempt to capture the impacts of Partition on Delhi in 1947. Also included in the display are images from a captivating 2017 exhibit held by The 1947 Partition Archive at the India Habitat Center, entitled 'Women During Partition.'

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Anand Bazaar Patrika

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